Homelessness in Okaloosa and Walton Counties

Homelessness is all around us but its not always easy to see. Its the single mom waiting tables at your favorite restaurant. Its the friendly door dash driver who dropped off your dinner with a smile and well wishes. Its the veteran, whose family couldn’t handle the challenges of PTSD. Its your child’s classmate who sleeps on a different couch each night as Mom and Dad scramble to find a willing friend to help them through this hard time. Each person’s story is different: the underlying causes, the precipitating event, the obstacles they will face on their journey home. The one thing they have in common is that they lack a house. They have nowhere to call home.

Point in Time Count

Every year HHA conducts a point in time count to measure the number of unhoused people in our community. This tool is especially critical for estimating the number of unsheltered individuals who have not accessed services and consequently do not show up in evaluations of clients served. The Point-In-Time count helps us assess the need in our community so that we may better allocate housing resources in order to end homelessness. An accurate count is the first step to investing in solutions to eliminate homelessness in Okaloosa and Walton Counties.

On the night of the 2023 PIT:

Single Adults
Chronically Homeless

were unsheltered and unhoused

Individuals and Households Served

HHA also uses data from the Homelessness Information Management System (HMIS) to track how individuals are families are served by our members each year. This data is more granular, providing insight into the demographic information of clients as well as the challenges that contributed to homelessness.

In 2021 Our Members Served

Domestic Violence Survivors
Chronically Homeless
Persons with a Disability

2022 Housing Needs Assessment and Analysis

Read more about the challenges facing the homeless population in Okaloosa and Walton County in our 2022 Housing Needs Assessment and Analysis: