Funding Opportunities

ESG-CV Award Adjustment Requests Due 1 April 2022

HHA is doing a technical amendment to our ESG-CV budget for FY21-22. The ESG-CV award requires sub-recipients to expend 80% of awarded funds by 31 March 2022 and all funds by 30 June 2022. As our COC enters the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, HHA will be adjusting its ESG-CV budget to reflect these constraints. As part of this process, HHA allowing all agencies to request adjustments to their ESG-CV budget. Sub-recipients may request additional funds, transfer funds from one project to another, or reduce their award if they are not on track to allocate funds by the 6/30/2022 expenditure deadline.

Adjustment requests must be submitted to Apil 1, 2022. The request process is below:

  1. Fill out a summary request form, sign it, and save as a pdf.
  2. Submit an adjustment request online for every program for which you are requesting an adjustment. (For example if you are requesting an adjustment to Rapid Rehousing and Shelter, you will submit two online forms).
  3. HHA will review these requests and the state’s guidelines for recapturing funds and amend agencies ESG-CV Awards. These adjustment decisions will be relayed on your airtable award portal. You will receive an email when those portals have been updated.